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Full name:Junior Garnet Mandlenkosi Dube

Albums/Mixtapes:Imma Shine Mixtape(2015)

Honours:5 times Mat North Music Awards Nominations(2015)
1 time(s) Mat North Music Award Winner(2015),3 time 2016 MNMA nominee
Zimrapcities Best of 2015 top 10(number 4)
Perfomances:Changamire HipHop Festival alongside CalVin,P.O.Y,GULUVA 7 & Mzoe 7
BIGGER THAN HIPHOP alongside UpperKlass,Mc Tytoh,CalVin,P.
O.Y,Young Target & TearDream Kings

J Garnet is also the founder and brand ambassador of J.G Nation,I AM JGARNET & REALNDEBELE Clothings.
Estimated Crowd per show:90-200 heads

Airplay:Because im me(video) 2 ZBC airplays and 1 BosTV/CT Live airplay
RealNdebele:Powerfm Future Hits list & Top 40.Best Chat #18.Jr Solomon(─╣esotho National Radio)
#Empumalanga.Featured on one if Africa's best sites,NotJustOk.com,Skyz Metro top 20 chart list,RapperHolix Lounge top 20 charts list.Video is currently on ZBC,First aired on the HipHop263 Show with Naboth Rizla

Born in a family of 3,Junior Garnet is the only member to partake a journey in the music industry,a journey that he began in 2010 during high school.In the process he has released a mixtape which has sold ovet a 300 copies,Launched a clothing line and a music marketing stable(J.G Nation).
J Garnet,so known by his fans is working on his first ever album that he plans to release later in 2017 and he believes that this is finally his year to make things right as he spent recent years strategising and looking for connections and a few tips.

Contact Details:twitter @juniorgarnet2

Facebook Page:J Garnet/J.G Nation


Call/Whatsapp +263783227946/ +263717593152